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Art Auction

Keep in mind that 100% of the auction proceeds goes directly to Lighting the Way Outreach to help the wildfire victims so get ready to pull out those wallets!

December 12th Asa Gochenour
9×12 “Evening Prayers” Retail Price $795
December 13th Jess Wathen
12×16 (Title Coming Soon) Retail Price $875
December 14th Robert Finale
12×16 “Flying Fisherman Retail Price $2500
December 15th Abraham Hunter
9×12 (Title Coming Soon) Retail Price $1550
December 16th Rod Chase
7×4.75 “Liberty’s Light Study 2” Retail Price $3000
December 17th Mark Keathley
24×18 “Love the Smokies” Retail Price $8000


December 12th Asa Gochenour 9×12 “Evening Prayers” Retail Price $795

December 13th Jess Wathen 12×16 (Title Coming Soon) Retail Price $875

December 14th Robert Finale 12×16 “Flying Fisherman Retail Price $2500


December 15th Abraham Hunter 9×12 (Title Coming Soon) Retail Price $1550

December 16th Rod Chase 7×4.75 “Liberty’s Light Study 2” Retail Price $3000


December 17th Mark Keathley  24×18 “Love the Smokies” Retail Price $8000


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